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For Automated instant searches of the Electoral Register we recommend 192 who are the leading publisher of Electoral Roll Information. Please click on this link to visit 192

For detective searches we would like to recommend our detective company UKTrace

UK Trace has been operating since 2004 and we have enjoyed tracing people and land in the UK. We are UK Online Detectives who specialise in:

  • UK land enquiries such as property ownership, official land registry documents and obtaining conveyances or other historical documents.
  • UK People tracing such as finding lost friends or relatives and debtors.
  • Birth, Marriage and Death records search such as obtaining copies of Birth, Death and Marriage certificates and posting to anywhere in the World, to finding missing pieces of information and advising or consulting.
  • Finding missing pieces of information or extra information such as email address, phone numbers, mobile numbers and other missing pieces of information.

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